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Slowing Down

Running on Empty

Although slowing down or recharging is usually thought of as an individual need, couples need to unplug and recharge, too. Make sure your marriage doesn't run on empty.

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Passover Tips for Jewish-Christian Couples

Monday April 14, 2014
During the celebration of major religious celebrations such as Passover and Easter, interfaith couples may find themselves wondering how to be supportive of differing faith traditions.

Here are some tips for interfaith marriages dealing with the issue of different spring holiday celebrations.

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Mad Men and Marriage

Friday April 11, 2014
Mad Men, the popular television series on AMC, will begin its seventh and fnal season on Sunday, April 13th. I will admit to enjoying the series. Did you know there are at least four things you can learn about marriage by watching Mad Men?

Jon Hamm of Mad Men

I haven't noticed any particularly really happily married couples on the show. There are some deeply dysfunctional and toxic relationships portrayed, yet the show can remind youl to not allow your marriage to fall in a rut or to give your career a higher priority.

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The Smirk

Thursday April 10, 2014
Every now and then I can get into a bad mood for no special reason. Sort of a "just because" mood. The last time it was probably due to lack of spring here and a windy, cold, rainy day. Then I saw Bob smirk.

The Smirk

I don't like seeing a smirk on a politician's face, or on a salesperson's face, or on an appliance repair person's face, or really on anyone's face. But I really really didn't like seeing a smirk on Bob' face.

To me, a smirk is a negative expression that is a not-so-subtle way of being arrogant, smug, sarcastic, or dismissive. You can avoid miscommunication in your marriage by not expecting your spouse to be a mind reader.

Share what you're thinking! And don't smirk!

A Simple Fix

Tuesday April 8, 2014
Hopefully, most of you know that expecting your spouse to be a mind reader is a big mistake. Having that type of expectation usually leads to conflict.

Saying "When we assume that other people know what we're thinking and what we are expecting of them, we do them a real disservice," Heidi Grant Halvorson offers a simple fix for this type of relationship miscommunication: "Remove the phrase 'It goes without saying' from your mental lexicon, because it is total rubbish."

Halvorson's a article is worth reading!

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