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Fathers and Sons and Being a Jerk

By December 28, 2009

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The troubled marriage of Tiger and Elin Woods continues to make headlines as reporters try to figure out why successful men like Tiger place marriage and family life in jeopardy. A sense of entitlement? Validation of manhood? Opportunity? Belief he can get away with it? Sex addiction?

Or maybe the reason some husbands cheat on their wives is what these men learned from their fathers.

Earl Woods: "I've told Tiger that marriage is unnecessary in a mobile society like ours."
Source: Karen Crouse. "Moony Eyes, Lilting Voice, Then a Stunner From Woods." NYTimes.com. 12/26/2009.

"... though I have never been an elite athlete, I work in the culture of the elite athlete, where infidelity isn't merely condoned, it's strongly encouraged ... saying the greatest golfer on the planet got married too young is a cheap cop-out that misses an essential point: that this is really about a man who has everything and nothing at the same time, a guy medicating with women to fill emotional gaps ... That hearing words such as "dog" or terms such as "commitment issues" only serves to mask real issues. We use them so people such as Tiger Woods never take the time to Google "Attachment Disorder" or "Love Addiction" or look at how their old man treated their mom and what kind of message that sent to a gifted child who would grow up to respect a game more than his wife."
Source: Mike Wise. "Tiger Woods Does Not Stand Alone." WashingtonPost.com. 12/26/2009.

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