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Wifely Submission Back in the News

By September 17, 2010

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Since Christine O'Donnell's primary win yesterday, her moral convictions about submission in marriage are making news. O'Donnell, who has never been married, agrees with the Southern Baptist Convention and believes that the role of a wife is to submit to her husband in the traditional marriage model.
Back in 2008, Violet Socks wrote:"It is entirely possible to be a deeply committed Christian and simultaneously reject the old-fashioned notion that wives must obey and submit. Many Christian denominations have long since relegated the wifely submission business to the dust-heap of obsolete doctrine, along with various other antiquated rules and regulations. The New Testament, like the Old, is chock-full of archaic notions and sheer weirdness that no one dreams of obeying anymore."

Socks also pointed out New Testament verses that many Christians ignore, such as prohibitions against braiding hair, against wearing gold or pearls, and against taking oaths. Since there are quite a few pictures of Christine O'Donnell wearing pearls, we assume that she is one of the pick and choose Christians when it comes to which parts of the Bible to follow.

O'Donnell's perception and image of marriage is different from our view of marriage. We believe some of the keys to a successful, long lasting marriage are mutuality, friendship, respect, and equality.

September 19, 2010 at 8:04 pm
(1) chris says:

There people go commenting about the Bible, taking it out of context and out of the time the words were written. The scripture about braided hair was speaking to how women of the time were putting so much time into their hair style to make a statement when they went to worship. Decorating their hair with these fancy braided patterns and outlandish jewelry.


“Summing up the meaning of these two passages, we see that Paul and Peter were not forbidding a woman from wearing a golden wedding band or having her hair modestly braided. They were, however, instructing the women to concentrate on good works and a right attitude instead of trying to impress others with immodest clothes that were inappropriate or excessively gaudy.”

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