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Don't Wait for the Perfect Moment

By November 21, 2013

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If you think you owe your spouse an apology, you need to apologize right away. If you postpone making an apology because you are waiting for the perfect moment or the right words, you will end up hurting your marriage.
Gary Chapman: "Your relationships will never reach their potential until you learn to apologize."
Source: Gary Chapman, Jennifer Thomas. The Five Languages of Apology: How to Experience Healing in All Your Relationships. Northfield Publishing. 2006. pg. 125.

Hopefully, you want to apologize to your spouse because you want to help ease and eventually end the hurt and pain you caused, because you love your spouse, and because you want to do what you can to insure that your marriage is on solid ground.

Your spouse doesn't need perfection from you. What is needed is being sincere and genuine and keeping your promises.

December 2, 2010 at 10:02 pm
(1) Goldy55 says:

My soon to be ex doesn’t know what the word “I’m sorry” is meant for. In 30+ yrs. of marriage, never once did he apologize for his verbal, emotional or physical abuse. In fact, when he left he told me he had done nothing wrong! I’m sorry I wasted so much time on a person like this, but it was important to me that our children have a father in the home vs. not having one at all. He would have left them if I had divorced him when they were younger & the way he involved them immediately in our divorce proves to me I unfortunately knew him too well. I don’t wish him ill will, but I truly hope he doesn’t find another “victim” to instill his “hatred” on

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