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Sheri Stritof

Zombie Marriages

By March 9, 2014

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When I first read an article by Karl Taro Greenfeld about zombie marriages I thought it might have something to do with Halloween or The Walking Dead. But that is not the case.

In the August 2008 issue of DETAILS magazine, Greenfeld described zombie marriage and wrote that being in a zombie marriage could help your marriage become stronger down the road.

Greenfeld wrote that you have to survive the zombie phase and not end up killing your marriage or suffocating it with a bunch of relationship fixes by recommending that you just leave a zombie marriage alone.

Karl Taro Greenfeld: "... the Zombie Marriage is just a phase and quite possibly a crucial one. For a lifelong relationship to survive its most challenging period, it must enter an unconscious, protective state, so that no matter how many stakes are driven through its heart it will continue to stumble forward ... Because the Zombie Marriage, just like those B-movie ghouls who can be restored to mortality with a few drops of a serum or potion, can be revived."

My term for a zombie marriage is disillusionment. I think that disillusionment is normal and is part of the cycle of romance, disillusionment and joy that most married couples experience.

However, we don't think a zombie marriage should just be left alone. Doing nothing is not a good option when you are in disillusionment. You need to have The Talk with one another about your issues and problems.

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August 25, 2008 at 3:01 pm
(1) william h. thomas, jr. says:

I think first-cousin marriage is okay. You said (or somebody here said) that Albert Einstein’s parents were cousins. Now, were
they first cousins? Or second or third or fourth? I notice that an awful lot of people talking about an awful lot of different subjects leave out a lot of details.

August 25, 2008 at 6:13 pm
(2) Sheri says:

Apparently, Einstein’s parents were first cousins, and his second wife, Elsa Lowenthal was Albert’s first cousin on his mother’s side and his second cousin on his father’s side.

Here are some resources for you to look at:




refers to Einstein’s father’s brother-in-law also as his cousin.

September 1, 2013 at 9:24 pm
(3) Ralph says:

Zombie Marriage is the word. Totally irrelevant to the answers that passes a test. A bunch of homemade brides of frankenstein living in a world of make believe

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