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By Sheri Stritof

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How can we make our marriage better?
Spending more private time together in conversation is one way along with scheduling time with one another without the kids. This doesn't have to be a trip to Hawaii (though that's kinda nice). A simple walk with one another around the block can do wonders!

Attending a Marriage Encounter weekend is also beneficial for many couples wanting to strengthen their relationship. There are many links in the Encounters and Education pages.

How do I get a marriage license in Texas? (or Nevada, California, etc.)
Here is a listing of license requirements by states or countries. There is more legal information at our Legalities page.
I'm sixteen and want to get married. Where can I do this?
States in the U.S. require parental consent under the age of 18 and many states require court approval when you are only 16. This is true for many other countries as well. We urge you to wait til you are older before making the decision to get married. There is more information available, both pro and con, at our Teen Marriage page.
Do you have more FAQs or help available on your site?
Yes. There's more questions and answers at the Ask Sheri and Bob section. If you need help surviving the holidays, or if you are confused about whether or not you are being abused, or if you want to get married on the Internet, or you have difficulty fighting fairly, or you have questions about common law marriages, or you wonder how to propose, or if you married your soul mate -- answers to these questions and more are throughout our web site.
We were married in a different country? Is our marriage valid in our home country?
If you followed the regulations required by the country where you were married AND if your marriage relationship does not violate your own country/state regulations, your marriage should be valid in the country where you live.

The validity of same-sex marriages obtained in a different country or state is in legal limbo at this time. States and countries are not obligated to validate marriages from another locale.
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If your query is of an urgent nature, please note that in the subject line. We do not accept email attachments. We delete them unopened. Please use an informative subject line. If your message has no subject or looks like spam, we may never see it.

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