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Marriage Expectations

Marriage Expectations Can Make or Break a Marriage


Importance of Sharing Your Expectations

Today, when asked, many married couples would say they expect companionship, intimacy, and sharing of feelings.

Sharing your expectations with your spouse is critical if you want a successful marriage.

When your expectations aren't shared with each other, disillusionment will probably become an everyday experience.

Long Term Marriages

One of the joys of reading our hometown newspaper is seeing the large number of couples who are celebrating their 50th plus anniversaries.
Joanne Austin of the Washington State University Cooperative Extension writes that "Never before have so many couples been married long enough to experience such a variety of life-changes that occur in the later stages of marriage."

These long-term couples probably expected hard work, the challenge of raising children, and happiness, but not financial difficulties, unresolved issues, lost dreams, or ill health. Yet, they dealt effectively with the changes, both expected and unexpected, in their lives.

Major Barrier in Communication

One of the major barriers in communication is the unspoken expectations that a couple has of one another.
  • Make time each day to share your expectations of the day.
  • Take time before going out for the evening, or before leaving on a trip, to talk about your expectations of the event.
  • Honestly appraise your expectations of yourself, your spouse, and your marriage. Are they realistic or unrealistic?

Surviving the Test of Time

Couples who survive the test of time are those who can adapt to change and who know what one another expects.
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