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Native American Courtship and Marriage Traditions

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The Bottom Line

Leslie Gourse has pulled together Native American courtship, wedding, and marriage customs from many tribes. Helpful hints assist couples in planning their own Native American weddings.
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  • How to blend traditions into contemporary life
  • Great index
  • Comprehensive bibliography


  • No illustrations


  • Tribes represented: Hopi, Navajo, Cherokee, Iroquois, Oglala, Cherokee, Creek, and Powhatan.
  • More tribes: Blackfoot, Chippewa, Ojibwa, Crow, Shoshone, Winnebago, Apache, Zuni, and Algonquin.
  • More tribes: Cree, Wampanoag, and Sioux tribes of Oglala, Minnesota, Dakota, Teton, and Lakota.
  • Beautiful selection of love poems, stories, and other Native American marital folklore.
  • An explanation of puberty celebrations
  • Description of dances and powwows
  • Great food section includes recipes
  • Sections on fashions, jewelry, basketry, cloth weaving, and decorations
  • Information about Native American understanding of divorce and remarriage

Guide Review - Native American Courtship and Marriage Traditions

This look at tribal wedding customs and Native American marital life begins with the story of Pocahontas and an explanation of the social and political impact of her relationship with John Rolfe. The author, Leslie Gourse, blends the traditions of the past with the practicalities of contemporary life. Couples who wish to incorporate Native American traditions into their wedding will find a wealth of information in this book.
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