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Is Domestic Discipline Loving Correction or Domestic Violence?

What is Domestic Discipline?


The domestic discipline movement that encourages wife spanking is condoned and supported by some religions. Here's a look at whether or not domestic discipline borders on domestic abuse and violence in marriage and whether or not domestic discipline is scriptually based or sexually motivated.

However, giving husbands this type of authority in a marriage can lead to spousal abuse and can destroy the self esteem of the person being spanked.

What is Domestic Discipline?

Domestic discipline is a submissive marriage lifestyle that encourages husbands to spank their wives for mistakes or misbehavior.

Those who support the domestic discipline life style believe:

  • Domestic discipline comes from the bible.
  • Domestic discipline is not BDSM.
  • Domestic discipline is non-erotic.
  • Domestic discipline is an essential part of their relationship.
  • Domestic discipline is a physical correction from one who truly cares.
  • Domestic discipline is responsible authority.
  • Domestic discipline is appropriate punishment.
  • Domestic discipline requires that there must be total consent from both parties.

Research on domestic discipline reveals:

  • Domestic discipline is based on misinterpretations of the bible.
  • Domestic discipline is BDSM.
  • Domestic discipline is sexually erotic.
  • Physical correction is not life-giving to relationships.
  • Spanking a wife as a means of correction or punishment is a control issue and is potentially abusive.
  • Marriage calls a couple to mutuality, not to punish one another.

Is Domestic Discipline Scripture Based?

Why do Adult Women Agree to Domestic Discipline Punishment?

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