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Before You Buy Gifts for Your Spouse


Whether it be for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas or other occasions, your spouse will probably expect a gift from you.

Gifts don't have to be elaborate. It is often the simple, spontaneous presents that are the most memorable and most appreciated.

The Gift of Your Talents

Look at your own creative talents and think of ways you can give something from your heart, mind, and hands.

The Gift of Your Time and Energy

One of the major complaints from spouses is feeling neglected or unappreciated. Making time to be with your spouse is a tremendous gift.

Give the gift of a weekend away together, even if it is at a motel around the block!

The Gift of a Promise

Are there things that you know your spouse has wanted you to do, but they haven't been high on your priority list?

The Gift of Listening

When you are shopping with your spouse, note if he/she lingers over a particular item. If you ask your mate what they want for a gift, pay attention to what they say.

Hint: Don't buy a skillet if your spouse asks for a new pair of jeans.

Think Twice

Before buying that gift you've picked out, think twice. Ask yourself these questions and make sure that your gift won't result in resentment from your spouse.

  • Will this gift create more work for my spouse?
  • If the gift is clothing, am I sure of the size, style, and color?
  • Will this gift add to the clutter in our home?
  • If the gift is an appliance, have I thought twice before buying it. Is this appliance something my spouse really wants?

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