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Spousal Birthday Party Ideas

Tips, Location Suggestions, Themes, Gift Ideas


Photo Credit: ©Larry Stritof
Photo Credit: ©Larry Stritof
Just because the two of you are growing older doesn't mean you can't celebrate your birthdays together and have fun! Celebrating life events like a birthday can be either a private experience or the celebration can include a larger gathering of friends and family.


  • Do not plan anything that will embarrass your spouse.
  • Remember you are never too old to have some fun!
  • When making your plans for the birthday party, ask yourself what your spouse enjoys to do.
  • Wake your spouse with a "Happy Birthday", and continue to make the whole day special with surprise notes, little gifts throughout the day, and ending with a romantic date for the two of you or with a birthday party with invited guests.
  • Take lots of pictures. Consider having disposable cameras available if you are having a large party.
  • Ask guests to share words of appreciation and well-wishes with toasts to the birthday person.


  • Local Park
  • Arts Council or Art Gallery
  • Museum
  • Arboretum
  • Favorite Restaurant
  • Community Theatre
  • Somewhere you can Dance
  • Aquarium
  • The Beach
  • Zoo
  • Home (but make sure your spouse doesn't have to do any cleaning up after theh party!)


  • Movies
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Silly Supper
  • Magic Party
  • 50s, 60s, 70s, etc Era
  • Over the Hill
  • Picnic - can be either inside or outside


  • Weekend Away from Home
  • A Day Alone Together
  • A coupon for a day for your spouse to be totally alone with no responsibilities to you, job, or the kids.
  • Coupon for being a weekend slave to clean, declutter, organize, shop, etc.
  • Ask guests to submit a photo or a letter that tells of a favorite memory with your spouse. Put these into a scrapbook. Parents may tell a funny story from your mate's childhood, old friends will have great tales from earlier years, and you can share a memorable story from your marriage.
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