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Having a Good Laugh -- The Importance of Humor in Your Marriage

Does Humor Belong in a Marriage?


Photo: Digital Vision / Getty Images
Photo: Digital Vision / Getty Images
The answers to the question about whether or not humor and laughter belong in a relationship are:
  • Definitely
  • Of course
  • Sure
  • Yes
  • Certainly

It is important to have balance in your marriage relationship when it comes to humor and joking.

Without the realization that humor and laughter can create pain, you could hurt your spouse, and your marriage.

Advantages of Laughter and Humor in Your Marriage

Aside from releasing endorphins in the brain that are energizing and good for you, laughter has other advantages in your marriage relationship.

  • Laughter is a natural part of your marriage relationship.
  • Laughter reduces the distress either of you could be feeling.
  • Laughter can add to the quality of your marriage.
  • Laughter can help you both be more productive.
  • Many relationship experts advise couples to keep a sense of humor when having an argument.

Boundaries for Humor and Laughter in Your Marriage

Just as much as humor and laughter can enhance your marriage, they can hurt your marriage.

The following boundaries need to be set:

  • Humor should be clean. Off-color humor can often bother your spouse. Although you know your spouse well, you could still be offensive.
  • Humor should not attack or be malicious. Making a joke of your spouse's appearance or a physical flaw is not really funny. Don't do it.
  • Humor should be balanced. Too many practical jokes, too many gag gifts, too much horseplay, too many witty remarks, too many funny stories, too many off-color jokes, too many blonde or brunette jokes, etc. can all become counter-productive.
  • Every relationship needs to have fun and laugh, but every relationship also needs to have its time of real, down to earth, serious conversation.

So make some time to have some healthy laughter in your marriage today!

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