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Hillary Clinton's Dilemma and Advice to Other Women

Be True to Yourself When Faced With Infidelity


Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Sen. Hillary Clinton and former US President Bill Clinton in Nashua, new Hampshire on January 4, 2008.

Photo: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

A Difficult Decision

Most women know that Hillary Rodham Clinton had to deal with one of life's most difficult decisions when faced with her husband's infidelity.

Coping with a spouse's infidelity is heart breaking, but to have to do this with the whole world watching must have been gut wrenching.

Compassionate and Steadfast Love

Marsha Berry, her spokesperson at the time, said in an interview that Hillary's love for him was compassionate and steadfast. She also stated that Mrs. Clinton was committed to her marriage.

We couldn't imagine the heartache she felt as she heard her husband speak to the nation about his inappropriate relationship with Monica Lewinsky. How could she get over this?

She got over the embarassment and heartache the same way other spouses deal with it. She learned how to cope. She made a decision to love. She dealt with her anger. In time, she was able to forgive.

Advice to Other Women Dealing With an Unfaithful Spouse

Hillary Clinton's advice: “I say you have to be true to yourself. No one story is the same as any other story. I don’t know your reality. I can’t possibly substitute my judgment for yours. … You have to do what is right for you and that may not be what anybody else believes.”
Source: "Hillary Clinton Talks to Tyra About Bill's Infidelity", People.com, 1/15/2008

Our advice: You won't forget. No one who have walked this journey of coping with a cheating spouse ever truly forgets it. But you can rebuild your relationship and you can make a new commitment to one another.

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