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"Foreign Brides: Stories"

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by Elena Lappin Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

These humorous short stories about transplanted foreign wives deal with how women (and men) cope with finding themselves in a different culture, with a different language, difficult in-laws, and strange appliances. There are surprising twists in the plots, but marriage is that way too. It's always a surprise.

Stories Not What They Appear to Be

Although funny, the stories are not always what they seem, just like the husbands are not always who they first appeared to be. I found myself thinking I wouldn't want to be in these women's shoes for anything in the world.

Marriage is Never Easy

They find themselves in these domestic comedies in Europe, Israel, New York and London and some of the characters are featured in more than one story.

Marriage is never easy, and international marriage is even harder according to Elena Lappin's irreverent and sometimes tender tales of matrimony.

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