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How to Get Married in New Mexico

New Law Changes


Rio Grande River in New Mexico

The Rio Grande River flows southward near Taos, New Mexico.

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Requirements may vary as each county in New Mexico could have their own requirements.

Congratulations and much happiness as you begin your lifetime journey together!

ID Requirement:

If you are over 24 years of age, you will just need to show your driver's licenses. Otherwise you need to provide your birth certificate or a passport. You also need to provide your Social Security numbers.


Residency Requirement:

You do not have to be a resident of New Mexico.

Previous Marriages:

If previously married, the date of divorce or date of spouse's death must be supplied.

Covenant Marriage:


Waiting Period:



$25 - $40 - cash only.

Other Tests:

No other tests.

Proxy Marriage:


Common Law Marriage:


Cousin Marriage:


Same Sex Marriages: Yes. Although only originally available in a few counties. (Read more)  As of December 19, 2013, New Mexico's Supreme Court declared in a ruling that denying marriage licenses to gay couples was unconstitutional.

Under 18: In order to get married, a court order is necessary for anyone under 16 years of age. If you are between 16 and 17 years old, you will need parental consent.

Officiants: Any ordained or licensed clergymen, and justices of the peace.

Witnesses: You need two witnesses at your wedding ceremony.

Miscellaneous: License if valid for one year. The marriage license hotline is 505-768-4314.

Copy of Certificate of Marriage:
Vital Statistics
New Mexico Health Services Division
P.O. Box 26110
Santa Fe, NM 87502
Phone: (505) 827-2338

Still Confused About Getting Married in New Mexico?

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