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How to Get Married in Wyoming -- Marriage License Requirements in Wyoming


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Looking down the list of Wyoming's marriage license laws and regulations, you'll see a lot of "no's", but that doesn't mean it is difficult to get married in Wyoming. Learn what the state of wide open spaces requires when it comes to tying the knot.

ID Requirement:

Driver's licenses or a certified copy of your birth certificate is acceptable. You will need to know your social security numbers, mothers' maiden names, and the states where your parents were born.

Residency Requirement:

You do not have to be a resident of Wyoming.

Previous Marriages:

A certified copy of the divorce decree is required. A plain copy of the death certificate is all that is required if your spouse is deceased.

Covenant Marriage Option:


Waiting Period:

Wyoming does not have a waiting period.


$25.00+. Some counties may require cash only.

Other Tests:

No tests required.

Proxy Marriage:


Cousin Marriage:


Common Law Marriage:


Same Sex Marriage:


Under 18:

If either of you are between 16-17 years of age, you will need written parental/guardian approval. Under 15 years of age applicants will need permission from a court judge.


Authorized persons to perform weddings in Wyoming are judges, supreme court justices, assistant judges, justice of the peaces, and ordained or licensed clergymen. Non-resident clergy need to file for a permit from the county Probate Court where the marriage will take place.


The Wyoming marriage license is valid for one (1) year. What this means is you two have 1 year to get married and have your marriage license officially recorded. If you wait past that time frame, you can't get married without applying for and paying for another marriage license.

Copy of Certificate of Marriage:

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Phone: (307) 777-7591

Still Confused About Getting Married in Wyoming?

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State and county marriage license requirements often change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. It is important that you verify all information with your local marriage license office or county clerk before making any wedding or travel plan

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