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Empty Nest Marriage syndrome Coping Tips -- Things the Two of You Need to Do

Prevent the Empty Nest Syndrome From Hurting Your Marriage


There are many things the two of you can do to prevent the empty nest syndrome from hurting your marriage.
  • Seek counseling if your empty nest marriage is showing signs of withdrawal, alienation, and negativity.

  • Accept that you will experience grief and that it hits men just as hard as it hits women. Empty nest dads may feel a sense of regret over things they didn't do and time not spent with their children.

  • Limit how often you call your kids.

  • Don't place guilt trips on your kids. This is especially important during the holidays.

  • Keep lists of each kids' favorite foods for when they visit or when you put together a care package to send out.

  • Develop a flexible mindset and be open to change.

  • Work on becoming friends with your adult children.

  • Don't rush into volunteer roles, travel, taking classes, moving, or emptying out a kid's room. You have plenty of time.

  • Schedule dates with each other.

  • Make a list of things you have never done but would like to do.

  • Make some short-term and long-term plans on how you will spend your money and time.

  • If you are thinking about downsizing, see if you can declutter and simplify your life without moving.

  • Before making a move to a new location, make sure you have truly double checked your tax situation, and tax benefits from selling and buying, along with analyzing maintenance and utility costs in the new location.

  • Don't make assumptions about what your spouse is thinking or wanting to do.

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