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Part 2: Instructions for Using the Statements

How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?


Photo: Riko Pictures / Getty Images
Photo: Riko Pictures / Getty Images
The lesson to be learned by this exercise is that it doesn't matter how long you've been together. There's still more to learn about each other.

You can also see where your priorities/values might be different.

Have fun with it! Generally, people are surprised after comparing their responses. Many think they knew their spouses better!

Statements to Help You Better Know Your Spouse


These statements can be used by:
  • Couples, one on one with each other
  • On Encounter Weekends
  • At Love Circles, Spirals or other follow up sessions
  • During seminars and workshops


1.) The easiest way is to stand if your response is yes, and to sit if your response is no.

2.) Ask couples to write on a blank piece of paper the numbers from 1-20 or however many number of statements you will be using. After they hear the statement, they write yes or no next to that number.

This should be a quick response without having to put a lot of thought into it.

Tell them that there is to be no peeking at their partner's answers.

Have them line up in two lines facing one another with men in one line, and women in the other. Tell them that if their response is yes, they are to move forward. Ask those who answered yes to #1 to move forward.

Then read the statement. That way they can't cheat.

Ask everyone to return to the original lines. Continue with the rest of the statements in the same format.

3.) Read just one or two statements before a presentation, with the standing for yes, sitting for no responses.

4.) Encourage couples who responded differently to discuss these issues in more depth.

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