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Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage Proposal Ideas and Suggestions Submitted by Readers


Looking for a creative way to propose marriage? Check out these proposal ideas submitted by readers.
  • Down on one knee anywhere
  • In a restaurant
  • On a park bench
  • At Disney World or Disneyland
  • Consider a holiday theme around Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, 4th of July, etc.
  • While hiking, fishing, or camping
  • On a sailboat
  • While on an airplane
  • At a sports event
  • At a covered bridge
  • Hide ring in a bouquet of flowers
  • Tie ring to a kite string or fishing line
  • Top of the Empire State Building or other tall building
  • In a box of chocolates
  • While walking on the beach
  • Put an ad in a newspaper
  • Ask a DJ on the radio to ask for you
  • Via email or on the Web
  • In a carved out book
  • Design a crossword puzzle

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