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Before You Buy a Mattress


If you are tossing and turning and not getting a good night's rest, it may be time to purchase a new mattress. Buying a mattress as a couple can be a difficult chore. Many couples have different preferences as to size and level of softness or firmness.

Decide How Much You Will Spend

Stick to your budget. If you can't find a comfortable mattress in your price range, save some more money to purchase what you like. Don't settle for less. Remember that a more expensive mattress isn't necessarily a better mattress.

Be Prepared

Do your homework before you head for the mattress stores. Measure height and width of doorways, hallways and staircases. Wear soft, comfortable clothing like jogging attire when you go shopping for a mattress. Take your favorite pillow with you to use when you test the mattresses

Test, Test, Test

Lie down on the bed in the position you normally sleep. If you curl up in a ball, curl up in a ball on the store mattress sets. If you lay flat on your stomach, lay flat on your stomach on the mattresses you test in the store. Use that pillow when you are testing the mattresses. Have your partner lay on the bed with you. Stretch, toss, and turn. Don't be embarrassed.


Don't purchase a mattress without getting a new boxspring/foundation for it. Make sure that you can get the boxsprings into your bedroom. We realized that our staircase had too low a ceiling for a queen sized boxspring set. We were able to get a split set made so the delivery guys could maneuver them up the staircase.

Comparison Shopping

Comparison price shopping is nearly impossible. The same mattress sold at two different stores will probably have a different name at each store. Know who you are buying from.

Choosing a Dealer

Make sure that the store has delivery and setup options and that they will dispose of your own mattress set if you wish. Ask for a 30-60 day comfort guarantee to insure that you two get a good night's sleep on the new mattress. Give your new mattress several weeks try before deciding it isn't working for you.


Don't pay a lot more for a mattress with a pillowtop. That initial plushness will deflate within the first couple years of use. You would be better off purchasing a really soft and plush mattress pad. Buy quality bedding for your new mattress. Get the feel and texture that is comfortable for the two of you.

Bottom Line

Stick to your plans. If you decided to get a queen sized mattress, don't get pressured into buying a king sized set. If you find after using the mattress for a month or so that you don't like it, return it.

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