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Things Teens Should Consider Before Tying the Knot

Teen Marriage


Photo: Kevin Mackintosh / Getty Images
Photo: Kevin Mackintosh / Getty Images
Ask yourselves why you want to get married. If your reasons include wanting to get away from your parents, pregnancy, or fear of losing one another, don't get married. All of these reasons are red flags in your relationship and are not valid reasons for getting married. Marriage should be a "want to" and not a "have to".

Being on your own does free you from parental control, but this change in lifestyle brings along a whole new set of responsibilities in your lives. You will have to deal with financial issues, where to live, jobs, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, decision making, in-laws, continuing your education, and if pregnant, child care along with learning how to communicate with your spouse.

If you've checked out the marriage license laws in your locale, have the permission of your parents to marry, and have decided that you don't want to wait any longer before getting married, there's still a couple things you should do before tying the knot.

  • Attend a premarital education class or an Engaged Encounter weekend.
  • Work out together a realistic budget.
  • Volunteer together to work with young kids at a homeless shelter for a few months. Or volunteer your time at a soup kitchen facility.
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