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Chaotic Beginning -- Lasting Marriage

Sheri and Bob's Wedding Day


Photo: ©Sheri Stritof
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Are you worried about things going wrong at your wedding? Such feelings are natural. Just be aware that there will probably be glitches on this special day in your lives.

However, the problems really don't make any difference, and those glitches will probably create plenty of memories!

Wedding Date Change Request

The first problem we encountered with our wedding plans was the date - November 2, 1963. Two weeks before our wedding, the priest called and told us to change the date because we had picked All Souls Day and he didn't think it was an appropriate day for a wedding since All Souls Day is a day to remember the dead.

Sheri was only 19 and a non-catholic, and became quite hysterical at the thought of changing the date. Fr. LaVoy backed down, and mumbled something about not bothering with flowers.

Bankrupt Wedding Reception Facility

We lived in Las Vegas at the time, and had chosen the Tally-Ho Hotel on the Strip for our reception. One week before the wedding, the newspaper headlines read "Tally-Ho Goes Bankrupt! Doors Bolted Shut!"

Have you ever tried to book a reception in Las Vegas with only one week's notice? It is not a fun proposition.

The Tropicana Hotel did bail us out. They handled a sobbing Sheri quite well and promised red roses on the cake and a nice meeting room with an outside entrance so she wouldn't have to walk through the casino in her wedding gown.

Forgetful Priest and Fighting Relatives

We showed up for our wedding rehearsal on Friday evening only to discover that our priest had forgotten about it!

The day before our wedding, old family squabbles began to appear, and Aunt so and so wouldn't attend the wedding if Uncle so and so was there. We just threw up our hands and said "Good Bye! Leave the presents and drive home safe!" This attitude did not please many people.

Missing Wedding Dress

We were married on a Saturday, and on Friday afternoon, Sheri's wedding gown, a special order in size "0", had not yet arrived. Stress level was quite high. The dress did finally show up on Saturday morning, two hours before the wedding.

Missing Photography Equipment

Like most couples, we didn't want Bob to see Sheri in her wedding dress prior to the wedding. Our photographer decided to rent a room at the Tropicana and set up his equipment in advance so he wouldn't have to worry about it on the wedding day. He did this on the Friday night before our wedding.

Amazingly, the wedding ceremony went very smoothly. When we arrived at the Tropicana, we rushed to the photographer's reserved room only to discover that his equipment was missing! All of it!

So, Sheri took matters into her own hands, stomped through the casino in her wedding dress, yelling at the top of her lungs for someone to find the *(#&^$ camera equipment!

We left the distraught photographer with the hotel staff and went to the reception. The hotel did a marvelous job. We had a few unhappy guests, primarily Bob's friends, because we served non-alcoholic punch at our noon reception due to alcohol problems in our family trees. But they got over it.

The camera stuff was located, we got our photos taken, and left for our honeymoon -- first to Malibu, California, then on to San Francisco. Bob surprised Sheri by purchasing a new car to use on the road trip. Looking back, going into such a big debt without talking about it first, wasn't the best thing to do before getting married!

Enjoy Your Special Day Together

Here we are, forty-nine years later, still laughing at that day! So ... don't worry too much! Just enjoy one another on your wedding day. You, too, will create wonderful memories to share with your children and grandchildren.

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