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Who should I contact after my wife's death to let them know she died?


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Question: Who should I contact after my wife's death to let them know she died?
Answer: Here are some of the places and individuals you need to notify after the death of your wife. There is no order in who to contact first.

Don't forget notifying extended and distant family members and friends, too. If you are feeling very overwhelmed, you can avoid hurting others' feelings by asking someone else to do this for you.

  • Social Security Administration - 1-800-772-1213. Do not cash any checks received for the month in which your spouse died or thereafter. They need to be returned to the SSA. If Social Security benefits were received via direct deposit, you will need to notify your bank also. You also need to check on survivor benefits for both yourself and your children.

  • Dept of Veteran Affairs if spouse was in the military for burial and memorial benefits.

  • Automobile registration and insurance

  • Work related associates

  • Insurance policies

  • Banks and Credit Unions

  • Utility bills

  • Credit cards and Loan Companies

  • Organization and Church Memberships

  • Landlord or Mortgage Company

  • Telephone Company if you want your listing changed

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