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The following information was received from John Overstreet of the Osceola County Clerks Office on 5/19/99.

Applicants must apply in person, together, with proof of age, 18 years or older. The following are ways to show proof of age: State Driver's license, State ID with the photo and date of both shown, a Passport, or Birth Certificate along with a photo ID such as school ID with photo or Work Badge ID with photo.

If the applicant is under 18, a notarized written consent from the custodial parent or legal guardian is required. No license will be issued to applicants under the age of 16 without judicial written consent. It is the applicants' responsibility to schedule appointments/conferences with the judge.

If both applicants are Florida residents, a three day waiting period may be required unless they both attend an approved counseling course to be eligible for the waived three day period as well as a discount of $32.50. In addition, the couple will receive a booklet which must be read. An affidavit stating it has been read, must be signed by both parties.

If the couple chooses not to attend counseling, the three day wait would apply and the fee would be the full $88.50 without the discount.

The marriage license will be valid for 60 days from the effective date. A ceremony is required to solemnize the marriage.

Please note that if the couple is from out of state, or other countries, the waiting period is waived and ceremony could be done on the same day if prior to 4:00 pm.

The office is open on Monday through Fridays, except for national holidays. The hours of operation are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. They do not close for lunch. Licenses can be obtained up to 4:30 pm. However, they do not perform ceremonies after 4:00 pm. Please try to come as early as possible.

Marriage license fee is $88.50 in cash or Travelers Checks, U.S. funds only. Ceremony fee is an additional $20.00 if performed here in the office. They do not accept personal checks or credit cards.

The Courthouse complex is located at 17 S. Vernon Avenue in Kissimmee, at the corner of Emmett Street, in the downtown historic area. For directions, or more information, please call 407-847-1424, extension 2720. The office is located in the administration building, room 231, on the second floor.

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