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How to Kiss Like in

A Month of Creative Gift Giving

You Don't Have to Spend Lots of Money

Creative gifts that help the budget and touch the heart!These are good any time of year... hint, hint...
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Put a love note in an inflated balloon
Fix a really great breakfast for your spouse and serve it in bed
Rent a romantic movie to watch together
Dance together in your own living room
Coupon to do a hated chore - wrap in box with pretty scarf or new handkerchief
Give him/her a foot massage
Leave some sweet notes on your spouse's voice mail
Write a love letter
Bake a loaf of homemade bread
Schedule a date night
Make a tape of his/her favorite romantic songs
A ride in the country
Go shopping with your lover
Make a special certificate for "...."
Rewrite the lyrics to a catchy tune
Place love notes around the house
Coupon to Play miniature golf together
Coupon to Be on time
Coupon to Do a Chore Together
Coupon for two hours of peace and quiet
Make a booklet of favorite comics clippings
A new set of fluffy pillows
Make a batch of your spouse's favorite cookies
Coupon for control of the tv remote!
Work on a puzzle together
Coupon for a back rub
Make a paper chain of hearts w/love notes on each heart
Coupon for a dinner out
Make mini-copies of your marriage license to put in your wallets
Pick a bouquet of wildflowers
Write a poem for your lover

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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