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by Laura Corn
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishing
The Great American Sex Diet: Where the Only Thing You Nibble On Is Your Partner
Review by Sheri Stritof
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Are you turned off by sex? Have you stopped having sex and you're not sure why? Laura Corn, a victim of low sex drive herself, has a plan for couples who have found that the "fire of passion" has turned into "weak embers." She views sex as "a kind of nourishment that, when absent, left people feeling listless in body, mind, and spirit...this listlessness has a negative effect on a relationship: one or both people might withdraw, intmacy becomes stagnant, and the fun and energy that people feel early in the relationship is gone."

Some of her thoughts:

  • Sex should be a staple of everyone's diet.

  • More sex has a positive effect on a relationship.

  • Low sexual desire is real. Reasons could include hormone imbalance, outside stresses, or unresolved emotional issues.

  • A couple's sexual relationship can be recharged and rejuvenated.

  • It takes a decision to jump-start a relationship.

  • Scheduling sex makes it a priority.

  • Anticipation is a great turn on.

  • Plan cuddle time.

  • It is important for spouses to be honest and to share how they like to be aroused and turned on.

  • Parents should be openly affectionate with each other in front of the kids.

  • "Where there's a will, there's a way."

  • "Anticipation + Variety = Great SEX!"

Having frequent or regular sex to increase low sex desire is an idea that has been around for some time. The Great American Sex Diet makes this approach to sex "fun, adventurous, and filled with endless variety." This book can help you make your good sex life better, restore lost passion, find tools to turn "no" into "yes", and discover ways to surprise your spouse. It is a 28-day plan for committed couples. It includes two tear-out menus (His Only and Hers Only), "Spice Calendar", "Anticipation Teasers," and "Extra Spice Recipes." Some are kinky, but most suggestions are achievable. Couples can pick and choose the ones that they are comfortable with. Laura Corn had 38 test couples try her 28-day plan, and 36 were satisfied with the results. Their stories and sample calendars are included.

A warning: This book is for couples who are willing to commit to twenty-eight days to "reclaim love, intimacy, confidence and sexuality." If one partner isn't ready and willing to make such a commitment, then this book could create more disappointment and distance in the relationship.

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