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Product Summary For Love or Nothing: 25 Lessons for Lasting Love

by William Oak
Publisher: Guidepost Press
Guide Rating -
Pros • Sensible.
• Inspirational.
• Great writing style.
Cons • Allegorical storytelling style may be difficult for some to understand.
• No index.
The Bottom Line - Genuine love sometimes calls for hard choices. Couples could use these stories as a springboard for discussions about their own marriage. Each story, parable, fable, and folktale has an uplifting, inspirational message along with practical tips for living a lifetime together.

Key Points
Love takes work: "One must sow love to reap love. But only by daily cultivation will the harvest be abundant."
Making love happen: "Some go through life letting love happen, but it is better to go through life making love happen."
Love is giving: "Love is giving and sometimes giving means giving in."

Guide Review Enduring Love Stories
There are twenty-five lessons to help engaged couples and newlyweds get their marriages off on the right track. It will also provide useful insights for older married couples, too. As the author says, "Life becomes much more rewarding when it is filled with lasting love."

Some of the lessons include mutual trust, good communication, firm commitment, a strong bond of friendship, and the willingness to work hard at a relationship. I recommend that couples read one of these stories together each week. Taking time to later discuss their thoughts and feelings about the message they individually heard makes this book a great communication tool.

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