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Wedding Anniversary Flowers for 1st to 50th Anniversaries
Looking for traditional flowers on your next wedding anniversary? Here is a listing of the flowers associated with 1st through 50th wedding anniversaries.
15th Wedding Anniversary - Ideas and Symbols - About.com Marriage
15th Anniversary Color: Ruby red. 15th Anniversary Flower: Rose. A red rose is even better. In the language of flowers, roses have represented passion, love, ...
1st Wedding Anniversary - Ideas and Symbols - About.com Marriage
Here are some first wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose paper or ... Use paper flowers for a centerpiece for your anniversary dinner.
5th Anniversary Celebration Suggestions - Ideas & Symbols
5th Anniversary Color: Several colors are associated with the 5th anniversary: blue, pink, or turquoise. 5th Anniversary Flower: Daisy. In the language of flowers , ...
Ideas and Symbols for Your 4th Anniversary - About.com Marriage
Representing the blossoming partnership of a couple in their fourth year of marriage, flowers are appropriate and meaningful gifts for this anniversary. Here are ...
20th Anniversary Celebration Suggestions - About.com Marriage
20th Anniversary Gemstone: Emerald or a yellow or golden diamond. 20th Anniversary Color: Emerald green or white. 20th Anniversary Flower: Day Lily.
Reader Suggestions for Fourth Anniversary -- 4th Wedding ...
I reserved a room at a nice hotel, ordered some silk flower petals in the colors of ... That covers the traditional theme of fruits and flowers for the 4th Anniversary ...
7th Wedding Anniversary - Ideas and Symbols - About.com Marriage
7th Anniversary Flower: Jack-in-the-pulpit , a common wild flower that blooms in spring in moist wooded areas. Ways to Celebrate Your 7th Anniversary:.
Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary Symbols, Gifts and Themes
50th Anniversary Color: Gold. 50th Anniversary Flower: Violet. If you want to give a rose symbolic of the golden anniversary, here are a few to check out:.
6th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Suggestions
6th Anniversary Flower: Calla Lily. In the language of flowers, calla lilies represent magnificent beauty. Ways to Celebrate Your 6th Anniversary: Make candy ...
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