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Suffering From Cold Symptoms? Learn How to Treat It - Cold & Flu
Dec 4, 2014 ... Do you feed a cold and starve a fever? Does Aunt Bessie whip up her famous soup to cure everyone's illness? Most of those treatments are just ...
Natural Cold Treatments for Kids - School-Age Children - About.com
When your child is suffering from the miserable symptoms of a cold, it can be tempting to reach for an over-the-counter remedy to help make him feel better.
Cold and Flu Treatments - Pediatrics - About.com
Dec 4, 2014 ... Typically, parents are told to just treat the symptoms of a cold or the flu and ... While symptomatic treatments are important to help your child feel ...
Home Remedies to Treat Your Cold and Flu - Cold & Flu - About.com
May 16, 2014 ... Treat Your Cold at Home: Depending on your symptoms and your health, you may have several options for cold and flu treatments. Since a ...
Natural and Herbal Cold and Flu Treatments - Cold & Flu - About.com
Looking for natural and herbal cold and flu treatments? Find out how effective they are and what they can be used for.
Treatments for Fever Blisters and Cold Sores
Dec 16, 2014 ... Cold sores, also known as fever blisters or herpes labialis, are recurrent infections caused by the herpes simplex virus. Find out more about ...
Cold and Flu Medications and Treatments - Cold & Flu - About.com
Information you need about common cold and flu medications, both over the counter and prescribed, and other treatment options for your symptoms.
All About Multi-Symptom Cold and Flu Medications - Cold & Flu
Pharmacy aisles are filled with multi-symptom cold and flu medications, but how do ... Medication and Treatments · Over the Counter Medication - FDA Approved  ...
Acute Bronchitis Treatments - Cold & Flu - About.com
Dec 16, 2014 ... Learn about common acute bronchitis treatments and get help ... Blog · Learn About the Symptoms and Diagnosis of the Common Cold and Flu ...
Cold and Flu Treatment Options - Cold & Flu - About.com
If you have a cold or the flu, you may not know what to do to make yourself feel ... When to See a Doctor · Medication and Treatments · Flu Shots and Vaccines ...
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