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Code of Ethics for U.S. Government Service
The Code of Ethics applied to all persons serving in any position withing the U.S federal government.
Canadian Government Services - Canada Online - About.com
The Canadian federal government and provincial governments provide many services we use in our daily lives. Use these resources to get the most out of those ...
Canadian Government Services - Canada Online - About.com
Whether you're a Canadian travelling abroad or a visitor to Canada, the Canadian government has a variety of services and regulations to help ensure the ...
Civil Service Employment - Working for the Government
Want to work for the government? Find out about Civil Service employment opportunities.
Canadian Federal Government Services - Canada Online - About.com
Services provided by the Canadian federal government to individuals and to business, inside Canada and out.
Direct Services and Direct Assistance in the U.S. Economy
Each level of government provides many direct services. The federal government , for example, is responsible for national defense, backs research that often ...
The United States Postal Service (USPS) - US Government - About ...
About the United States Postal Service (USPS). Is it government agency or a private business? It's both.
Miami Government & City Services - About.com
The City of Miami, Miami-Dade County and the various suburban cities and unincorporated areas weave a tangled web of government. Who's responsible for  ...
Outsourcing and the Government: Looking at Basic Services
When you choose your location for outsourcing, do you think about government services? Of course, you ask your outsourcer what sort of facilities they have and  ...
Secret Service Protection Law - U.S. Government Info/Resources
The law under which the Secret Service protects major politicians, from your About.com Guide.
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