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Historical Marriages - About.com Marriage
Information about the weddings and lives of married couples throughout history.
Marriage History - About.com Marriage
Although many view marriage as a private expression of their love for one another, for centuries matrimony has been a very public institution impacted by ...
History of Marriage - About.com Marriage
A look at the history of marriage and how marriage has evolved through the years .
Marriage History Quiz - About.com Marriage
Marriage History - Test Your Knowledge Quiz: score math court jesters marriage history pope nicholas marriage relationship.
Interracial Marriage Laws History Timeline - Civil Liberties - About.com
A timeline history of interracial marriage laws. ... It's widely known that the Deep South banned interracial marriages until 1967, but less widely known that many ...
Interracial Relationship Issues: Historical Background
Fraught with potential tensions, the history of interracial relationship issues in the ... In addition to calling marriage a basic civil right, the Court stated, “Under our ...
Medieval Marriage History - About.com Marriage
... a romantic affair. Women generally did not have any say in who was chosen for them to marry. Here's information on the history of marriage in medieval times.
Deborah and Benjamin Franklin Marriage Profile
During their 44-year marriage, Deborah and Benjamin Franklin were apart for eighteen years. ... "Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History." English.Udel.edu.
General History of Marriage - About.com Marriage
General information on the history of marriage. ... General History of Marriage. A look at the concept of marriage from a historical perspective.
Teen Marriage - History and Statistics - About.com Marriage
Here's information on teen marriage from a historical and statistical perspective. The article also includes things for teenage couples to consider before getting ...
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