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Marriage License Laws - United States
Information on state and country requirements for getting a marriage license.
Marriage Laws in the World by Age -- Teen Marriage License Laws ...
If you are a teenager and want to get married, here are teen marriage license laws throughout the world.
U.S. Teen Marriage License Laws (States P-Z) - About.com
Here are the teen marriage license laws for states P-Z. If you are a teenager under the age of 18 considering marriage, it is important for you to understand the ...
How to Get Married in Florida - Marriage Laws in Florida
Reduce stress and know the Florida marriage license laws and regulations before you apply for a marriage license there.
Marriage Licenses and Laws - About.com
The legalities of marriage can be confusing and overwhelming. ... Laws concerning marriage vary from state to state and country to country and change often.
Interracial Marriage Laws History Timeline - Civil Liberties - About.com
Centuries before the same-sex marriage movement, the U.S. government, its constituent states, and their colonial predecessors tackled the controversial issue of ...
Cousin Marriage Laws Listed by State - About.com
If you are looking for the legal status of people who marry their cousins, check out this state-by-state listing of the laws regarding cousin marriages in the United ...
Scotland Marriage Laws - About.com
Scotland has marriage laws that can be confusing. Don't wait until the last minute to plan a wedding in Scotland! Here's information about the laws and ...
Same Sex Marriage License Laws in the U.S - About.com
Wonder where gay couples can get married in the United States? Here are gay marriage license laws listed state-by-state in the U.S..
Canadian Teen Marriage License Laws - About.com
How can teens get married: marriage license laws teen marriage marriage support teen dad marriage licenses.
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