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Marriage Polls - About.com Marriage
Share your thoughts and opinions by participating in one of our marriage polls.
Happy Marriage Poll -- Poll About Being Happily Married
We're curious. Are you happily married? Please take our poll on happiness in marriage.
Is Your Marriage Typical or Normal? - About.com Marriage
This is a glimpse of a typical married couple gleaned from the results to polls on our site.
Teen Marriage Poll - About.com Marriage
Considering all the reasons marriage experts give for why teens shouldn't marry, when a teen wants to get married, parents have a difficult decision to make.
Is Marriage a Fundamental Right? Polls on Politics & Society
Interracial marriage was legalized nationally on the argument that marriage is a ' fundamental right' that all people have and that the state cannot restrict without ...
Wedding Ring Poll - About.com Marriage
Many people view the wearing of a wedding ring as a symbol of love and commitment. Others view it as a sign that a person is "taken" and off limits.
Gay Rights Polls: Register Your Opinion on Gay Rights, Gay Marriage
Gay Rights Polls: Register Your Opinion on Gay Rights, Gay Marriage. Questions about what sorts of rights should be recognized for gays and lesbians have ...
Pornography Poll - About.com Marriage
Although a man may hear his wife say that his use of pornography is degrading, hurtful, and a form of cheating, he may maintain that his use of pornography is ...
Would You Marry Your Spouse Again? Poll - About.com Marriage
Related Articles. Should Atheists Be Allowed to Marry? Polls on Agnosticism & Atheism · Should Sterile Couples Be Allowed to Marry? Polls on Church & State ...
Low Sex Marriage Poll - About.com Marriage
Having different sex drives makes it difficult for some couples to have a successful marriage.
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