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Marriage Polls - About.com Marriage
Share your thoughts and opinions by participating in one of our marriage polls.
Happy Marriage Poll -- Poll About Being Happily Married
We're curious. Are you happily married? Please take our poll on happiness in marriage.
Polls About Marriage - About.com Marriage
Long term marriages, eagerness to marry, and more.
Is Marriage a Fundamental Right? Polls on Politics & Society
Interracial marriage was legalized nationally on the argument that marriage is a ' fundamental right' that all people have and that the state cannot restrict without ...
Gay Rights Polls: Register Your Opinion on Gay Rights, Gay Marriage
Gay Rights Polls: Register Your Opinion on Gay Rights, Gay Marriage. Questions about what sorts of rights should be recognized for gays and lesbians have ...
Is Your Marriage Typical or Normal? - About.com Marriage
This is a glimpse of a typical married couple gleaned from the results to polls on our site.
Teen Marriage Poll - About.com Marriage
Considering all the reasons marriage experts give for why teens shouldn't marry, when a teen wants to get married, parents have a difficult decision to make.
Should Sterile Couples Be Allowed to Marry? Polls on Church & State
Many opponents of gay marriage argue that gays shouldn't be allowed to marry because marriage is for making and raising children. If that is true, however, why  ...
Should Gay Marriage be Legalized? - Polls on Ethics and Morality
There are fierce debates over whether same-sex couples should be allowed to have the same marriage rights and privileges as straight couples do. Some argue  ...
Wedding Ring Poll - About.com Marriage
Many people view the wearing of a wedding ring as a symbol of love and commitment. Others view it as a sign that a person is "taken" and off limits.
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