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Marriage Polls - About.com
Share your thoughts and opinions by participating in one of our marriage polls.
Is Your Marriage Typical or Normal? - About.com
Through the years, we've posted many polls about marriage. Based on the results of some of the polls, here is an unofficial and very unscientific glimpse of a  ...
Marriage Qualities Survey - About.com
Take our marriage qualities survey and list what you consider to be the top ten ... keys to success · marriage polls · long term relationships · wants and desires ...
Gay Rights Polls: Register Your Opinion on Gay Rights, Gay Marriage
Gay Rights Polls: Register Your Opinion on Gay Rights, Gay Marriage. Questions about what sorts of rights should be recognized for gays and lesbians have ...
Will Gay Marriage Become Normal and Accepted in Your Life? Polls ...
The push to legalize gay marriage has gained a lot of momentum recently - ten years ago, no one would have predicted that things would have gotten so far.
Should Sterile Couples Be Allowed to Marry? Polls on Church & State
Many opponents of gay marriage argue that gays shouldn't be allowed to marry because marriage is for making and raising children. If that is true, however, why  ...
Happy Marriage Poll -- Poll About Being Happily Married
We're curious. Are you happily married? Please take our poll on happiness in marriage.
Define Marriage -- What is Marriage? - About.com
With the same-sex marriage debate going on, many people have defined marriage while ... Polls on Politics & Society · Emma Goldman - Marriage and Love ...
Wedding Ring Poll - Marriage - About.com
More Marriage Polls. Ads ... Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King's Marriage · Did Rosa Parks Have a Happy Marriage with Her Husband Raymond?
Low Sex Marriage Poll - About.com
POLL: Do you have a low sex marriage? 1) Yes 2) No ... More on Low Sex Drive in Marriage · More Marriage Polls · Free About Marriage Newsletter. Ads. &ensp.
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