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The Marriage of Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd: Problems
Lincoln and His Family (Thomas, Abraham, Robert Todd, and Mary Todd Lincoln) . Painting by S. B. Waugh engraved by W. Sartain. Philadelphia: Bradley & Co.
Mary Todd Lincoln | Biography of Abraham Lincoln's Wife
Brief biography of Abraham Lincoln's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, who was controversial in her own time and remains a largely misunderstood figure today.
Was Mary Todd Lincoln Mentally Ill?
Abraham Lincoln's wife Mary Todd Lincoln is often remembered as being mentally ill, but is that perception of her accurate?
Elizabeth Keckley, Mary Lincoln's Dressmaker and Friend
Elizabeth Keckley was a former slave who became the dressmaker and friend of Mary Todd Lincoln and a frequent visitor to the White House during the ...
Mary Todd Lincoln Saw Ghosts in the White House
Abraham Lincoln's wife Mary probably became interested in spiritualism sometime in the 1840s, when the widespread interest in communicating with the dead ...
Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady: Picture - Women's History - About.com
A portrait of Mary Todd Lincoln, First Lady, wife of President Abraham Lincoln. Part of a gallery of images of American First Ladies.
The Lincolns - Children's Books - About.com
If you are looking for a children's nonfiction book that provides a biography of both Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, I recommend The Lincolns: ...
Mary Todd Lincoln Coloring Page - Abraham Lincoln Printables
Mary Todd Lincoln Coloring Page - Abraham Lincoln Printables. First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln was born on December 13, 1818, in Lexington, Kentucky.
Mary Todd Lincoln in Mourning Dress - Petite Fashion - About.com
Mary Lincoln wore mourning attire after the death of the Lincolns' son Willie in 1862.
Mary Todd Lincoln's Early Sense of Fashion
From childhood, Mary Todd Lincoln had a highly developed sense of fashion, and her passion for style continued throughout her lifetime although she was most ...
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