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Military Marriages - About.com Marriage
Resources and information for couples who have military marriages.
Books About Military Marriages - About.com Marriage
This guide by Carol Vandesteeg is a practical manual to help couples deal with the separations that military couples often face. She gives suggestions on ...
Deployment and Marriage -- Impact and Coping Tips
Coping with the stresses and trauma of separation is something all military couples must learn to deal with. However, when the deployment is to a combat ...
Military Couples -- Military Married to Military Members - US Military
There are about 84000 military-married-to-military couples in the United States armed forces. These days, it seems that more and more married couples are ...
Dual Military Couples - US Military - About.com
Being a member of a dual-military couple presents a unique set of challenges. Still, many choose to endure the hardships and find a common balance.
US Military Enlistment Standards - Military Couples
Applicants wishing to enlist in the US Military, and are married to a military member can generally enlist without a waiver, as long as there are no children in the ...
Where to Take a Family or Military Couples Retreat - Military Families
The military lifestyle can take a toll on marriages and family members. A military couples retreat that may include workshops can help strengthen military ...
Army Married Couples Assignment Program - US Military - About.com
military personnel division, personnel management system, officer personnel ... regular army, assignment system, system transaction, married couples, perscom,  ...
Getting Married -- Before or After Military Boot Camp? - US Military
If you are planning on joining the military and planning on getting married, there ... marital status, and (depending on the state) this can take a couple of weeks, ...
Join Spouse Program - US Military - About.com
Married military couples are required to complete the AF Form 1048 (Military Spouse Information). This form lets AFPC know what your intentions/desires as a  ...
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