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Political Marriages
Information about the marriages of married couples in the world of politics.
Political Marriages in the News -- Marriages and Politics
Although some political consultants believe that the marriage of a politician doesn't really matter, there is quite a bit of interest in political marriages. Here are  ...
Quotes About Nelson Mandela's Marriages
Quotes About Nelson Mandela's three marriages. ... About.com · About Dating & Relationships · Marriage . . . Influential Marriages · Political Marriages ...
Gay Rights, Marriage & Homophobia: Ethical & Political ...
Gay marriage is in the forefront of political and social debate. Many countries such as the Netherlands, France, Iceland and Canada already allow same-sex ...
Quotes About Ariel Sharon, His Marriages, and His Children
But once again, Lily was at his side between treatments for cancer, encouraging him to continue the political struggle. When the illness got worse, Ariel returned ...
You Can Keep Your Political Discussions Healthy in Your Marriage
Marriages like the James Carville-Mary Matalin marriage give credence to the idea that married couples on different sides of the political fence can be successful ...
The Marriages of Newt Gingrich - About.com
Newt Gingrich two previous marriages ended because Newt was unfaithful. Here is information about ... Marriage . . . Influential Marriages · Political Marriages ...
Ted Kennedy and Victoria Reggie's Previous Marriages
Influential Marriages · Political Marriages. Ted Kennedy and Victoria Reggie's Previous Marriages. By Sheri ... Here is information about their first marriages.
Quotes About the Bhutto / Zardari Marriage - About.com
... Marriage . . . Influential Marriages · Political Marriages ... If my name had been linked with a man, it would have destroyed my political career. Actually, I had ...
Amy Rule and Rahm Emanuel - Marriage - About.com
Political Marriages in the News. By Sheri Stritof ... Recommends. Marriage Secrets of Famous Couples · May-December Marriages · Presidential Marriages.
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