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Does Your Spouse Snore? - About.com Marriage
Being awakened by your partner's snoring is called spousal arousal syndrome. Here are some suggestions to help not only yourself, but also your spouse sleep  ...
Marriage - Snoring Creates Problems for Married Couples
The average non-snorer in a marriage loses about an hour of sleep each night. A snoring spouse can become a major stress point in a relationship.
What Is Snoring? What Are the Causes?
Jun 25, 2014 ... What is snoring? Learn about this common sleep condition, including its causes, consequences, evaluation, and treatment options.
Oral Appliances for Snoring and Sleep Apnea - Sleep Disorders
Jun 17, 2014 ... The Somnodent oral appliance is used to treat snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea by advancing the lower jaw forward.
How Can I Stop Snoring?
Snoring occurs when something is blocking air flow. It occurs during sleep because of your position and relaxed state. Usually tissues in your airway end up in ...
Snoring and Health Effects - Healthy Aging - About.com
Jun 4, 2014 ... Snoring occurs when the airways in the throat and mouth are partially blocked. The blockage disturbs the incoming air and causes tissues in ...
Why Men Snore - Men's Health - About.com
Mar 7, 2014 ... Snoring has many potential causes, including obesity, anatomical variations, and several illnesses affecting the upper airways. It results from ...
How Sleep Position Might Impact Your Snoring - Sleep Disorders
Feb 3, 2014 ... You have likely heard it before: "I only snore when I sleep on my back." How does sleep position really impact your snoring? Is there a cure for it ...
Can Smoking Cause Snoring? - Sleep Facts - Sleep Disorders
Apr 9, 2014 ... Smoking may increase your risk of snoring. The irritating smoke may cause inflammation and disruption of your nasal passage and throat.
When Snoring Is Caused By a Deviated Septum - Sleep Disorders
Sep 4, 2013 ... Occasionally snoring isn't so innocent, especially when it is caused by a deviated septum. Snoring is a noise created by the partial obstruction ...
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