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Does Your Spouse Snore? - About.com Marriage
Being awakened by your partner's snoring is called spousal arousal syndrome. Here are some suggestions to help not only yourself, but also your spouse sleep  ...
Marriage - Snoring Creates Problems for Married Couples
The average non-snorer in a marriage loses about an hour of sleep each night. A snoring spouse can become a major stress point in a relationship.
What Is Snoring? What Are the Causes? - Sleep - About.com
Jun 25, 2014 ... What is snoring? Learn about this common sleep condition, including its causes, consequences, evaluation, and treatment options.
How Can I Stop Snoring?
Sep 12, 2014 ... Common causes of snoring include being overweight and obstructions in the airway such as congestion, tonsillitis, enlarged adenoids, or sinus ...
Why Men Snore - Men's Health - About.com
Snoring has many potential causes, including obesity , anatomical variations, and several illnesses affecting the upper airways. It results from the vibration of soft ...
Oral Appliances for Snoring and Sleep Apnea - About.com
Jun 17, 2014 ... For individuals who suffer from snoring or sleep apnea, one possible treatment is the use of various oral appliances. Learn about these options.
Snoring and Health Effects - Healthy Aging - About.com
Jun 4, 2014 ... Snoring can be a sign that something is not quite right. Snoring can be treated which will improve overall health through a more restful sleep ...
About Children and Snoring Video
When you hear your child snoring, it's hard to know whether it's because of a problem or just the normal sounds of sleep. Learn how your can be a more ...
Chronic Daily Headache and Snoring - About Headaches and ...
Chronic Daily Headache and Snoring: A recent study showed Chronic Daily Headache subjects were more likely to be habitual(daily)snorers. It's a vicious cycle.
When Snoring Is Caused By a Deviated Septum - Sleep - About.com
Sep 4, 2013 ... When does a deviated septum cause snoring? Learn what a deviated septum is, how it can be one of the more common causes of snoring, and ...
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