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Following is a list of yearly indices for this site. Articles, lessons and features are listed in reverse chronological order of when they were first published. Many of the articles address timeless marital issues that are as relevant today as when we first wrote them. Other articles from previous years have been updated.

Military Marriages
Military marriages have to deal with separations and other stresses more often than civilian marriages.

On-Line Marriage Courses
Listing of marriage courses you can take either via email or on-line.

Same-Sex Marriage
Resources and information that deal with the issues regarding same sex marriage

Celebrity Marriages
Information and resources about celebrity marriages.

Information on popping the question.

This first stage of marriage is the time to learn about one another and to prepare for your life together and not just your wedding day.

Marriage Licenses
If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level - marriage - then it is best to know the requirements about age, identification, costs for the license, etc.

Soul Mates
The notion of soul mates has been around a very, very long time.

Keys to a Successful Marriage
More tips and ideas to make your marriage a great one.

Communication Skills
Lack of communication is a primary reason marriages fail. Couples have to learn to talk and listen to one another effectively.

Sex in Marriage
Sexuality and intimacy in marriage.

Intimacy means sharing more than what's in your brain, it's sharing the depth of your feelings that live in your heart.

Love and Romance
Ways to bring more love and romance into your marriage.

Having unrealistic expectations can bring a couple to the point of wanting to call it quits.

Clip Art
Resources for finding wedding/marriage related clip art.

History of Marriage
The institution, traditions and culture of marriage has changed alot through the centuries.

Tests & Quizzes
Some serious, some for fun! Compatibility, self-awareness, and love and romance tests for you to take.

Stages of Marriage
Information about the different phases and cycles of a relationship.

Everyone needs to ask for forgiveness and to forgive at some time in their lives.

When you don't know how to handle a situation or what to do, here are sites that give out advice.

Don't forget your anniversary! Here are great ideas for celebrating and information about what you should give on a specific anniversary.

Second Time Around
Help and resources for second marriages.

Difficult Times
Dealing with disillusionment, anger, conflict, domestic violence and infidelity.

Cultural Differences and Traditions
Understanding the diversity of cultures and traditions in one another's past can enhance a marriage relationship.

Down to earth, every day concerns.

Although marriage as a lifestyle is beloved by many, matrimony isn't for everyone.

Teen Marriage
Before you make a decision to try and marry before the legal age, check out these resources.

Help in planning that special day in your lives.

Romantic Getaways
Every married couple needs time away alone together.

Finances are the number one reason couples divorce.

Information about marriage laws, and legal issues such as common law relationships, name change, getting married, and immigration.

Common Law Marriage
More links about living together.

Agreements and Contracts
When couples wed, they enter into a legal contract with one another. There are more agreements that they can sign such as prenuptial agreements.

A look at abstinence from both a moral perspective and a health perspective.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the annulment process.

Annulments in the Catholic Church
There is much confusion as to what a couple needs to do in order to receive an annulment of a marriage in the Catholic church. These resources should help explain the process.

Arranged Marriages
Although no longer predominant, they still exist.

Before You Buy
Check out these guides before you spend money on one another!

Books About Marriage
Information, reviews, and resources pertaining to books available about marriage.

There are many versions of traditional blessings for weddings, anniversaries, life transistions and marriage.

Information and resources about bigamy.

Breaking Up
Breaking up is hard to do. There are so many feelings that go along with the conflict and disillusionment when a marriage falls apart. Knowing the laws, worrying about the legalities, facing divorce or annulment are stressful concerns.

A selection of cartoons and comics about marriage.

Marriage is a joyous union that should be celebrated during anniversaries, holidays, family reunions and other times of celebrations. Long lasting relationships deserve recognition.

Pornography can create many problems in a marriage. Here are resources on the pros and cons of pornography in a marriage relationship.

Celebrating the special days and remembering meaningful moments and times is an important way to enhance a marriage. This can be done by utilizing blessings, toasts, resaying vows, having traditional ceremonies, and making anniversaries important.

CREDO Marriage Enrichment Retreat
Information about the military workshop for couples, CREDO marriage enrichment retreat.

You can't change your spouse. The only person you can change is yourself. Here are some resources to help you cope when change is necessary.

Christmas Season
The Christmas season can be a time of stress in a marriage or a time of joy. It is important that you plan the holidays and schedule your time so that the two of you remain a high priority.

Cinema Therapy
Sometimes watching a movie together and then discussing it can help a couple deal with problems and issues in their marriage. Cinema therapy is becoming more widespread in therapeutic situations.

Claddagh Clip Art and Resources
This ancient Gaelic symbol of lasting love and eternal friendship shows a crown above two hands clasping a heart in the middle.

Clip Art - Flowers
Romantic flower clip art images and graphics.

Clip Art - Valentine's Day
Hearts, flowers, cupids, and more graphics to use on Valentine's Day.

Clip Art - Weddings and Anniversaries
Clip art sites with graphics of cupids, rings, cakes, parties, brides and grooms, bouquets, doves, and bells.

Resources to help answer the question if cohabitation a good choice.

Communication Tips
A variety of suggestions to aid communication.

Conventions and Conferences focusing on marriage.

Conflict and Anger
Couples who can handle conflict well in their relationship are the ones who have long lasting marriages.

Cousin Marriages
Some countries accept cousin marriages, others do not.

Covenant Marriage
Although covenant marriage laws are designed to strengthen the family, it appears that few couples are willing to commit themselves to this type of marriage.

Cyber (Internet) Marriage
Although not legally binding, these marriages can be fun and create memories.

This is the place to go to get cultural information about marriage and weddings.

Customs and Traditions
Unique ways to enhance your life and celebrations.

Describing feelings to one another on a regular basis can improve your communication and bring you closer.

Disillusionment and Getting Help
When you are in the cycle of disillusionment, sometimes it helps to know you aren't alone. Here are links to articles and resources on finding a good therapist.

Disorganization and Clutter
A messy house and not being able to find things can destroy a marriage.

Domestic Violence
Don't try to cope with domestic violence on your own. There is help. When you can find a few minutes away from your abuser, you MUST call (800) 799-7233. It's the number of the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Divorce is a traumatic experience for all concerned. If you've truly tried everything you could to keep your marriage together, and nothing helped, then these resources can help you deal with the next phase.

More and more communities and churches are requiring education prior to marriage. Education also includes reading books and other sources of marital information.

Engaged Encounter Weekends
The following sites include information about Engaged Encounter weekends such as locations, how to register, participant comments, and what the weekend does for engaged couples.

Having fun together, laughing together and enjoying one another are important to a marriage.

Links to encounter sites and information about the various encounters.

Equality vs Submission
Many believe that mutuality is the key to a successful marriage.

Evenings for Couples Outlines
Presentations and outlines that can be given by local couples at marriage enrichment evenings such as love circles, post encounter gatherings, and follow-up sessions.

Family Concerns
When a couple marries they become a family but eventually they also need to deal with their extended family and parenting issues.

Family Planning
Family planning can create stress in a marriage.

Family of Origin
Questions to ask one another.

The language of flowers is a beautiful one.

Gender Issues
Differences between men and women do impact marriage.

Gift giving ideas for more than anniversaries and special occasions.

Grandparents as lovers.

Having Fun
A listing things you can do, places you can go in order to put more joy & fun into your marriage.

Healthy Living
Resources and information that deal with living healthy together.

History - 19th Century Marriage
Information on the history of marriage in the 19th century.

History - Ancient Egyptian Marriage
Resources and information about marriage in ancient Egypt.

History - General History of Marriage
A look at the concept of marriage from a historical perspective.

History - Medieval Marriage
Information on the history of marriage in medieval times.

History - Roman Marriage
Information on the history of marriage in Ancient Rome.

Holiday Survival Tips
The holiday seasons can be a difficult time or a enjoyable one for a married couple. Much of the success of a holiday period depends on how a couple communicates with one another.

The holidays are a great opportunity to make traditions in your family life and to take time to reflect on and rejoice in your marital relationship.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Immigration Issues
There are lots of hoops to jump through if you want to marry someone from another country. Look before you leap.

Can marriage survive an affair?

You don't just marry one another, you marry another family!

Intercultural Marriage
Although there can be many problems in these international marriage relationships, they can also be very successful.

Interfaith Relationships
Interfaith marriages and their challenges and rewards.

Inter-Racial Marriage
Can love conquer all in inter-racial marriages?

Legal information about marriage.

Leadership Couples
Resources for couples who are in marriage education or other leadership roles.

Lifestyle Choices
Arranged marriage, celebrities, cohabitation, cousin relationships, same sex, and more life style choices.

True listening can be a challenge. Here are techniques and resources to help you be a better listener.

Long Lasting Marriages
What does it take for a marriage to last a long time through both the good and bad years?

Love is a Decision
A look at how love is a decision and not just a feeling.

Love Stories
Love stories to warm your heart.

Low Sex Drive
Sex may not be the most important thing in marriage, but without it, a marriage relationship suffers.

E-zines that deal with marriage.

Marital Rape
It is estimated that, in the United States, approximately 10-14% of married women are raped by their husbands. Information about marital rape, what it is, where it is a crime, and additional resources are provided.

Marriage Certificates
If you're in need of a reproduction marriage certificate or one for a renewal of vows or a commitment ceremony, these sources may have what you are looking for. These are not legal documents.

Marriage Day and Marriage Week
These two celebrations are great opportunities to promote healthy marriages in your communities. Suggestions for celebrating and planning from all over the globe.

Mailing Lists
E-mail lists dealing with marriage.

Marriage Laws
Information about bigamy, common law relationships, getting married, immigration, and name change issues.

Masturbation and Marriage
A look at the pros and cons of masturbation within a marriage.

How to deal with this species.

Long lasting relationships have different challenges than they did earlier in their marriage journey.

Mood Music
Music creates memories, and enhances romance in marriage.

Movies About Marriage
Movies can be used for both entertainment and self-help. Many couples enjoy watching movies together and then discuss their reactions to the films. Movies can help get a couple in a romantic mood, too.

Many myths from the past are still with us today.

Name Change
Information and links about changing your name.

Natural Family Planning
Information and support for couples using or considering NFP.

New Year's
Celebrating New Year's can be a time of new beginning and recommitment to one another. Here are suggestions for resolutions as a couple.

Here is practical advice for newly weds.

Online newsletters about marriage.

News and Views
Keep current with what's happening in the marriage movement.

Non-Verbal Communication
Communication through body language.

Information and resources about what having children does to a marriage.

Past Conferences
Going through this listing of past conferences can give you an idea of what they offer.

A variety of customizable virtual cards are available here.

Resources and information that deal with the practical side of being married.

Prison Marriage
Can a marriage survive a prison sentence?

Product Reviews
Discover more indepth information about gift selections before you make a purchase.

Looking for what others have said about marriage?

Reader's Home Pages
Submit your homepage!

Rekindling Passion
Rejuvenate your sex life with advice and suggestions from these resources.

Reminder Services
Help in remembering those important dates.

Religious Issues
Spiritual and religious aspects of marriage.

A guide to combining genealogy and your next family reunion with planning tips, timetables, projects, checklists, reunion games, icebreakers, and more.

The wearing of rings, engagement and weddings, is a universal tradition dating back to cavemen. The roundness of a ring represents eternity. Therefore, the wearing of wedding rings symbolizes a union that is to last forever. It was once thought that a vein or nerve ran directly from the "ring" finger of the left hand to the heart. Anniversary rings are gaining popularity.

Gender issues.

Married couples need romance too!

Sandwich Generation
The cluttered nest syndrome or being squeezed too tightly can hurt a marriage.

Simplify Your Life
Sometimes downsizing our lives can help our marriages.

Sleeping Together
Sharing a bed involves emotional intimacy but can be difficult if your spouse snores, has a different temperature preference or hogs the blankets.

The average non-snorer in a marriage loses about an hour of sleep each night. A snoring spouse can become a major stress point in a relationship.

Stages of Marriage
All marriages go through stages and phases.

Statistics about second marriages, divorce, cohabitation and more.

Statistics Concerning Marital Sex
Although we don't recommend comparing your sex life to what others consider to be normal, it is interesting to see how often other couples have sex.

Straight Spouses Support
Rage, bitterness, confusion, hurt and shame are just a few of the feelings that a straight spouse feels when a partner acknowledges being gay or bisexual. Do you stay married or call it quits?

Stress in Marriage
Stress can be both good and bad for your marriage. The key is how you handle it and if you can recognize eustress in your relationship.

Support and Community
Community resources and online support for the tough times or to help keep a marriage strong.

Tests - Compatibility
Just how well do the two of you get along?

Over scheduling and time pressures can destroy a marriage.

Tests - Personality Tools
Questionnaires to see how your personalities will affect your marriage.

Tests - Premarital
Before you walk down the aisle, take some of these tests!

Tests to Help You Rate Your Relationship
Some are for fun, some are more serious, but they can all reveal something about your marriage.

Tests - How Romantic Are You?
Tests and quizzes to check out your romantic nature.

Tests - Sexuality
Are you in tune to one another sexually?

Tests - Love
Quizzes and tests about love.

Tips and strategies to help you have a successful, long-term marriage.

Not just for weddings - here are some for anniversaries and other occasions.

Top Picks
We've done the research for you. Check out the different Top Picks for gift suggestions for your spouse.

Top Ten Articles About Marriage
An index to the ten most popular articles on the Marriage Web site.

Top Ten How Tos About Marriage
An index to the ten most popular pages of how to advice on the Marriage Web site.

Top Ten States Queried About Licenses
An index to the ten most popular states we've had queries on concerning getting a marriage license.

Top Ten Pages of Links on the Net
An index to the ten most popular pages of links on the Net on the Marriage Web site.

Top Ten Quickies - What You Need to Know
These top ten pages have short but helpful bits of information about marriage.

Trust Issues
It takes years to build up trust in a relationship, and only a few seconds to destroy it. Here is help in rebuilding trust.

Lots of information and trivia about marriage that you probably didn't know.

Usenet Groups
A variety of newsgroups focusing on love, marriage, and relationships.

Views and Research
News articles and view points about marriage.

Valentine's Day for Married Lovers
Although we should be celebrating our love for one another everyday, keeping this day special is nice, too!

Vintage Ceremonies
Here is background information about the origins of some wedding traditions.

They are for a lifetime, not just for the wedding day.

Wedding Traditions
Many couples enjoy planning their wedding around special traditions that have been used for ages.

Widows & Widowers
Help in dealing with grief, death and dying.

Help in dealing with this species.

Working Together
Resources and advice for couples who work together.

Workshops & Programs
Listing of workshops and programs geared to enhancing marriages.

Women's Health
More resources and information for women concerning marriage and health.

Men's Health
More resources and information for men concerning marriage and health.

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