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Top 10 Traditional 10th Year Anniversary Gifts


Although the tenth anniversary is considered one of the special ones, finding a unique gift using the traditional aluminum or tin suggestions can be difficult. Here are some ideas to make it a bit more romantic.

1. Tin Cup Jewelry

Woman placing ring in jewelery box, close up
Jamie Grill/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
Who would expect pretty jewelry when tin or aluminum is the key word in choosing a gift? This lovely design will surely surprise your spouse!
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2. Aluminum Watches

If your mate has a habit of being late, this gift could lessen tardiness. This is also a gift idea for the spouse who likes being on schedule.
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3. Tea and Coffee Tins

Aromatic and healthy, teas can create a sensual, romantic, and memorable experience.
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4. Aluminum Jewelry Box

This detailed jewelry box, 'Elephant Instincts' is cast from aluminum.
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5. Aluminum Wine Bottle Totes

Escape for an afternoon together and bring your wine in one of these attractive and useful aluminum wine bottle totes.
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6. Candles and Candle Tins

Every home should have a few lovely candlesticks and aromatic candle tins around to set the mood.
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7. Aluminum Vase

Don't forget to fill the vase with pretty flowers.
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8. Aluminum Tableware

Although not very romantic, some spouses prefer more practical gifts. Here are aluminum carafes, drinkware, platters, trays, pitchers, and more.
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9. Tin Home Accents

Here are some odd tin gifts ranging from fancy license plates, tin tin tart cookers, tin boxes, tin racks, tin wall hangings, musical tins, figurines, tin plates, and tin clocks to versatile storage units.
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10. Games and Puzzles in Tins

Make time to spend together playing some of these games and working on the challenging puzzles.
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