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15th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Suggestions -- Ideas and Symbols


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The modern gift of watches for your fifteenth wedding anniversary is thought by many to be a symbol of the time you've had together. Crystal, the traditional gift for a fifteenth anniversary represents the clear and sparkling love between the two of you.

15th Anniversary Traditional Gift:

Crystal. Some view crystal as needing careful handling, others see it as a dazzling reminder of the love of a couple married for fifteen years.

15th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift:

Watches. Think of the time you've spent together and the many years you want to still be together and you'll understand the significance of watches for your fifteenth wedding anniversary.

15th Anniversary Gemstone:

There are three gemstones that are often connected with the 15th wedding anniversary: ruby, garnet, and alexandrite.

15th Anniversary Color:

Ruby red.

15th Anniversary Flower:

Rose. A red rose is even better. In the language of flowers, roses have represented passion, love, and perfection since ancient times.

Ways to Celebrate Your 15th Anniversary:

  • Toast one another with new crystal stemware.
  • Together, pick out and purchase a crystal clock or a dome clock.
  • Attend a show, movie, sports event, concert, theatre production, etc.

Gift Suggestions to Purchase for Your 15th Anniversary:

  • A crystal vase that you fill with red roses.
  • Crystal stemware.
  • Crystal bell.
  • Crystal decanter.
  • Crystal paperweight.
  • Crystal ball.
  • A watch.

15th Anniversary Wine:

Gift Suggestions to Make for Your 15th Anniversary:

  • Fill a crystal box with a love poem, a love note, a small romantic book, love coupons, a picture of the two of you, etc.
  • Put together a road map describing a trip (Buy Direct) to take together where there are lots of watches and crystal such as Switzerland or Italy.

Time Capsule Ideas for Your 15th Anniversary:

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