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Suggestions for 1st Anniversary Gifts

Readers' 1st Anniversary Gift Ideas


Photo: Stockbyte / Getty Images
Photo: Stockbyte / Getty Images
Here is a collection of gifts suggested by our readers to give on your first anniversary. Share your ideas online at the bottom of this page or Email us your 1st anniversary gift ideas.
  • Photo Book. "I started a photo book with a picture of our wedding bands on the cover and inside was a picture of our hands together from our engagement pictures. Each year we will add a new picture for each year of marriage. The second picture was our hands on our wedding day. Then when kids enter our lives their hands can be included each year as well." ~~ contributed by Alfred K.
  • Frame a ketubah. "So when you’re thinking about an anniversary gift, think about your own marriage contract, if you have one. If you don’t, consider having one made for you and your significant other – it’s a great way to reaffirm your commitment and celebrate any anniversary." ~~ contributed by Carol C.
  • Purchase stock. "My husband and I agreed together on a stock to purchase. We plan on doing this yearly so that we are setting the stage for our retirement years together." ~~ contributed by Georgia C.
  • Visit a B&B. "I gave my wife a print out of the reservations I had made for a weekend away at a romantic B&B. I had to tell her a couple weeks early not to plan anything that particular weekend because we would be going away, so it wasn't a huge surprise, but she did appreciate having time to pack, etc., and the surprise was the location!" ~~ contributed by Bill S.

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