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Modern First Year Anniversary Gifts - Clocks


Whether it be an antique clock, a novelty clock, or an alarm clock, the tick-tocking sound can mark the good times in your marital relationship. Share your first anniversary ideas with other readers.

1. Cuckoo Clock

Some people love the sound of the cuckoo clock.
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2. Alarm Clock

Make sure that your spouse won't be insulted by a new alarm clock before purchasing one. Receiving one could be misinterpreted as a hint to get up earlier, get more done, etc.
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3. Wall Clock

There are lots of wall clock designs to meet most every decor.
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4. Personalized Clock

If your spouse takes pride in their college or university, this could be the perfect gift.
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5. Decorative Clock

These clocks could add some fun or style to your home.
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6. Antique Clock

Share the appeal of a classic, antique clock with your mate.
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We want your ideas!

Send us your 1st anniversary gift ideas. As your suggestions arrive, we will post them.

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