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Past Issues of Marriage Articles September 2008

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Photo © Ted Stritof

09/24/08 - Keys to Living With Your Adult Kids
According to the U.S. Census Bureau more couples under sixty-five years of age move in with their adult kids.

09/22/08 - Photos of Couple Costumes
Send us your couple costume ideas and photos!

09/18/08 - Steve Parker and Shirley MacLaine Marriage Profile
Shirley MacLaine and Steve Parker had an uncoventional, long-distance marriage for several decades.

09/16/08 - Jeff Richmond and Tina Fey Marriage Profile
After knowing one another for seven years, Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond were married in 2001. Here is how they met, their wedding, quotes, and more about their marriage.

09/11/08 - Rituals in Your Marriage
Create rituals in your marriage that are not only silly, fun, and playful, but also private, touching, and meaningful.

09/08/08 - Meaning of Flowers Sorted by Word / Phrase
Here's an alphabetical listing of phrases and words with their associated flowers.

09/07/08 - Seven-year Itch
Definition of the term seven-year itch.

09/02/08 - Priscilla Mitchell and Jerry Reed Marriage Profile
The long-lasting marriage of Jerry Reed and Priscilla Mitchell ended with the death of Jerry on September 1, 2008. Here is more information about their lives together.

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