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Past Issues of Marriage Articles July 2008

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Photo ©  Marcy Kelly
Photo © Marcy Kelly

07/26/08 - Gai Glasgow and Randy Pausch Marriage Profile
Another love story ends too soon.

07/19/08 - Flitch Day
Flitch Day dates back to 1104 and celebrates harmony and fidelity in marriage.

07/14/08 - Jacqueline Brown and Jesse Jackson Marriage Profile
The long-lasting marriage of Jackie and Jesse Jackson has weathered infidelity and much time away from one another.

07/12/08 - Jill Walker and Tony Snow Marriage Profile
Another long-term, successful celebrity marriage ended with the death of Tony Snow.

07/12/08 - When It Comes to Romance -- What Men and Women Like
In 1993, an article in Psychology Today listed in order of importance what men and woman like in romance.

07/02/08 - From Sorrow to Dancing: The Recent Widow's Handbook by Marcy Kelly
Book review.

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