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Twentieth Wedding Anniversary

Here are celebration ideas, gift suggestions, and symbols related to the twentieth wedding anniversary.

Modern 20th Year Anniversary Gifts -- Platinum
Yeah, platinum is expensive, but if you can afford it, your spouse is worth it! After all, your mate has been with you for twenty years!! Other, less expensive platinum gift ideas are included.

Reader Suggestions for Twentieth Anniversary
Here are suggestions from readers on gifts of platinum and china to give and how to celebrate your twentieth wedding anniversary.

Traditional 20th Year Anniversary Gifts -- China
It is going to take some creativity to think of china gifts you can give to your spouse that won't end up collecting dust. Here are some suggestions to get your own creative juices going.

20th Wedding Anniversary - Celebration Ideas, Symbols, and Gifts
The twentieth year of marriage is one of the big milestone wedding anniversaries. Here are some twentieth wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose china or platinum gifts associated with your 20th marriage anniversary.

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