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Top 9 Modern 20th Year Anniversary Gifts -- Platinum


Yeah, platinum is expensive, but if you can afford it, your spouse is worth it! After all, your mate has been with you for twenty years!! Other, less expensive platinum gift ideas are included.

1. Platinum Anniversary Ring

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Giving a platinum anniversary ring to your spouse would surely be a big surprise. Platinum rings are available for both men and women.
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2. Platinum Jewelry

If you can afford it, give your spouse a piece of platinum jewelry like a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace, a ring, a brooch, a pendant, cuff links, etc.
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3. Godiva Chocolate -- Platinum Collection Box

Available in a variety of boxes, these chocolates are truly fantastic!

4. Tasco Platinum Binoculars

Everyone should have a pair of binoculars. These powerful binoculars will please both of you whether you are on a trip, out viewing wildlife and birds, or at home.
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5. Platinum DVD or CD Collection

With a large selection to choose from, you should be able to find a DVD or CD platinum collection that will appeal to your spouse.
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6. Platinum Drinkware

The mugs, goblets, wine glasses, coffeepots, champagne flutes, hiball and beverage glasses, cups, and other glassware listed here all have a platinum accent.
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7. Platinum Tableware

These china sets all have platinum accents. You can combine both the traditional and the modern 20th anniversary gifts into one!
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8. Bakeware -- NordicWare Platinum Series

Although not platinum, the NordicWare Platinum Series has the right name and some heart shaped pans to delight your cooking loving spouse.
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9. Platinum Kitchen Tools

Platinum BBQ sets, creamers, shakers and more are available for those who enjoy gadgets and accessories for the kitchen.
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