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Top 10 Traditional 20th Year Anniversary Gifts -- China


It is going to take some creativity to think of china gifts you can give to your spouse that won't end up collecting dust. Here are some suggestions to get your own creative juices going.

1. China Spoonrest

If you don't have a china spoonrest to match your china plates, check to see if one is available in your design. Pretty china spoonrests can be used on your table to protect your fancy tablecloths.
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2. Hummels

Hummel figurines have been delighting people for many years. There are so many to choose from, that you can surely find one that is unique for your relationship with your spouse.
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3. Fine China Picture Frame

You can find picture frames in fine china in heart shapes and with meaningful phrases painted on the frames. Put a nice photograph of the two of you in the photo frame.
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4. Hall China Shakers

These china shakers are very durable and chip-resistant. They have a bisque glaze with a classic design and appeal.
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5. China Candy Bowls

A china candy bowl full of your spouse's favorite candy is a unique gift for your 20th wedding anniversary.
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6. China Musk

China Musk is a blend of cedarwood, amber, violet leaves, and geranium. This relaxing scent may inspire some romantic evenings for the two of you. China Musk can be found in votive candles and incense.
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7. China Bakeware

Most china bakeware is safe for both oven and microwave use. You can choose from holiday designs or bakeware that can be used throughout the year.
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8. China Vase

If you decide to purchase one of these attractive china vases, make sure that you plan on getting fresh flowers for the vase, too!
Hint: The day lily is the flower most associated with the 20th anniversary.
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9. China Plates

If you didn't get a set of china when you were married 20 years ago, now would be a good time to get a set of china started. You can begin with buying 4 plates.
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10. China Figurines

Ranging from china palm trees, religious china figurines, and trio of china angels, to china critters, these china gifts may very well end up as dust collectors, but they are pretty especially the set of three angels.
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