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Top 10 Modern 28th Anniversary Gifts - Orchids


Your twenty-eighth year of marriage can be a breathtaking time reflecting your love for one another. The modern gift for the 28th wedding anniversary is the orchid. Here are some suggestions for a gift with an orchid theme.

1. Garnet Earrings, 'Orchid Fire'

These silver orchid earrings by Gabriela Readi feature tiny garnet centers.

2. Natural orchid gold stickpin, 'Eternal Orchid'

This gold stickpin encases a natural dendrobium orchid and bud in gold.

3. Garnet and leather necklace, 'Orchid Fire'

Designed by Gabirela Readi, this silver orchid necklace has a tiny garnet in the center of the orchid.

4. National Geographic Florida Orchid Poster

This poster has a close-up view of beautiful Florida orchids. It was photographed by Medford Taylor. 20'' x 16''.

5. Bamboo Orchid Plant Bulbs

The flowers on this bamboo orchid plant are lavender with a yellow throat.

6. Dendrobium Orchid Lei

People give an orchid lei to those they love for many special occasions. They are most appropriate for anniversaries.

7. Orchid Aloha Cards

These colorful Aloha cards measure approximately 5" x 3-3/4". The package includes 10 cards & envelopes.

8. Tropical Orchid Romance Aloha Shirt - Black

This Hilo Hattie Aloha shirt is black with deep red orchids in the design.

9. Vanilla Orchid Pacifica Candle - Large

Made with all-vegetable soy wax, natural and essential oilsl, and lead-free cotton wicks, this Pacifica candle will burn up to 70 hours.

10. Tapa Orchid Long Handkerchief Dress

This Hilo Hattie Handkerchief dress has a pink background with yellow and lavender orchids in the design.

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